River Permits

Visiting Anglers please note; From Season 2014, Category 1 permits are no longer issued.

Fishing permits are required by law for game fishing in Scotland albeit a separate rod licence is not necessary.  Anglers must carry their permits while fishing and, if asked, show them to our appointed River Watcher or other permit holder (Member) on production of their authority card or permit.

Spey Fishery Board (SFB) Rules

As part of its long term commitment to the protection of Salmon stocks, the SFB launched a Salmon Conservation Policy in 2003. The policy aimed to achieve the release of at least 50% of Salmon and Grilse, and to protect the depleted stocks of multi-sea winter Salmon in February-June. At least 50% of these fish are female, and therefore contribute an important part of the river’s spawning stock.

Please visit for more details: www.speyfisheryboard.com

Speymouth Angling Association Rules

  1. The permit is available only to the Person in whose favour it is granted and is Not Transferable.
  2. The Holder of this Permit is entitled to angle only on the River within the boundaries and only on the dates stated.
  3. Holders of Permits must not take or kill any Salmon Fry or other Fry or unclean fish or fish less than 14″ in length and all such fish, if taken, shall be carefully returned to the water. In this connection the attention of all anglers is drawn to the requirement of the Fisheries Act relating to Smolts and Parr. To aid conservation the Spey Fisheries Board (SFB) has acatch and release policy. Regulations governing this will be communicated to the members at the beginning of each season.
  4. No worm, prawn, shrimp, maggot fishing or Spinning is allowed at any time. The use of lead core lines or high density similar sunk lines is not permitted. No float fishing permitted at any time. (This includes the ‘Bubble Float’).
  5. The Lures and Fishing Methods permitted are:
  6. Category 1 – Finnock, Brown trout and Sea Trout
    • Fly only. No flies larger than size 8 single standard trout hooks or size 10 double  standard hooks will be allowed. Breaking strain of monofilament must not exceed 6lbs, maximum length of rod not to exceed 11’3.
  7. Category 2 & 3 Salmon, Grilse, Finnock, Brown Trout and Sea Trout
    • Fly only using single or double hooks. For Finnock and Brown Trout Category 1 rules for tackle applies.
  8. All Categories: Pinched or barbless hooks shall be used.
  9. Holders of this Permit are authorised to ask other anglers to show their Permits and inspect any fish or tackle in their possession. All anglers must give all assistance in their power to prevent illegal fishing or poaching and they must allow the River Watcher or any person duly authorised to inspect any fish, tackle and permit in their possession.
  10. No boats are permitted on the Association Water. Landing nets permissible at all times. The use of a Gaff is not permitted.
  11. No angler shall cut in front of another when fishing a pool. On arrival at the riverside anglers shall wait their turn at the beginning of each Pool Marker and on commencement of fishing will move down river at least one metre after each cast.
  12. If at the end of the pool anglers are waiting to fish the pool below the angler approaching will come out and wait his turn.
  13. Anglers after landing a Salmon or Grilse shall not continue fishing but shall take their turn after those waiting. If they lose a fish they may continue to fish. This rule applies only to Salmon and Grilse.
  14. Fly fishing anglers shall have precedence on the water.
  15. Care to be taken of all fences and gates, woods and other property adjoining the river, and particular care must be taken to ensure that no gates are left open whereby stock may be permitted to stray.
  16. Any Permit Holder found to be disregarding these Rules shall be liable for any and all damage caused. No Permit Holder shall interfere with Game on the adjoining river banks nor shall he be accompanied by any dog.
  17. All members are required to renew their membership by the 31st January.
  18. Members and visitors must render a catch return to the Secretary in respect of salmon, grilse, sea trout and Finnock within 7 days of end of month. Nil returns are required. All fish released must be included on the return except those below weight.
  19. Permit Holders infringing Rule Nos. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 or who may be convicted of illegal fishing or of any of the laws relating to Salmon and Trout Fishing will automatically forfeit their Permits with no redress.
  20. Breach or infringement of any other of the foregoing Rules and Regulations may carry forfeiture of the Permit. In both instances the decision of the Committee will be final.
  21. To protect wildlife and the general amenity, anglers are requested to take all litter away with them for proper disposal elsewhere. This applies particularly to surplus monofilament which must, under no circumstances, be discarded into the river or on the river banks.
  22. All complaints from members must be forwarded in writing to the Secretary accompanied by a signature.