Sea Permits

Fishing permits are required by law for game fishing in Scotland albeit a separate rod licence is not necessary.  Anglers must carry their permits while fishing and, if asked, show them to our appointed River Watcher or other permit holder (Member) on production of their authority card or permit.

Kingston Beach looking west towards Lossiemouth from Seapool West Bank
Kingston Beach looking west towards Lossiemouth from Seapool West Bank

Spey Fishery Board (SFB) Rules

As part of its long term commitment to the protection of Salmon stocks, the SFB launched a Salmon Conservation Policy in 2003. The policy aimed to achieve the release of at least 50% of Salmon and Grilse, and to protect the depleted stocks of multi-sea winter Salmon in February-June. At least 50% of these fish are female, and therefore contribute an important part of the river’s spawning stock.

Please visit the Spey Fisheries Board website for more details.

Speymouth Angling Association – Sea Angling (Sea Trout & Finnock) Rules

  1. The permit is available only to the person in whose favour it is granted and is Not Transferable
  2. The Bearer has permission to fish with rod and line for Sea Trout and Finnock in the sea only within the limits following:
    1. From the east end of Kingston Village westwards to the Forestry Fence below Corbiewell Farm
    2. On the east from a point opposite Spey Cottage Tugnet in an easterly direction to a point on the beach within 400 yards of Norrie Scalp. The area within 440 yards of either side of the mouth of the River Spey is prohibited.
  3. Angling by rod and line will, where fish of the salmon kind is concerned is restricted to Sea Trout and Finnock and only bait or lures suitable for such fish is to be permitted.
  4. These times must be strictly adhered to:
    1. 11th February – 31st March – 05:00 – 18:00
    2. 1st April – 26th August – 05:00  – midnight.
  5. No fishing is permitted after the specified hours on Saturday night to Monday morning.
  6. The holder of a ticket must not take or kill any Salmon Fry or other Fry or any unclean fish or any fish less than 14 inches in length, and all such fish, if taken, shall be carefully returned to the water. In this connection the attention of all the ticket-holders is drawn to the requirements of the Fisheries Acts regarding Smolts and Parr.
  7. The holder of a ticket must exhibit it when asked to do so to the Association Watcher, or the Watchers of the Proprietor or the Watchers of the Spey Fisheries Board or to any others having authority to demand same.
  8. Any angler refusing or failing to exhibit his ticket may be turned off the water by such person or persons.
  9. The holder of the ticket shall give every assistance in his power to prevent illegal fishing or poaching and he must allow the watcher or other person duly authorized to inspect the tackle and fish in his possession.
  10. No fish taken on the Association water may be sold.
  11. For statistical purposes Anglers must intimate to the Secretary by 8th October the number and weight of Sea Trout  and Finnock caught.
  12. Infringement of any of the foregoing rules may result in immediate withdrawal of membership ticket and a “Sine die” suspension.

Sea Permit Cost

Season Ticket (Adult): £10

Season Ticket (Junior Under 16): £5